In the beginning there is nothing. Then, as an idea takes shape, a fire begins to burn. This fire is the passion and inspiration that breathes life into our vision. From here the fire spreads, the process of creation moves outward and our ideas assume material form. Origin is the celebration of this process, of the creative power behind extraordinary design.

Eagle Sculpture

The eagle soars over the world and holds dominion over its territory. It is fearless in the face of change and danger and the direction of its flight is completely without restriction. The man who illuminates a room from beneath its wings is the embodiment of its noble spirit – an artist, a visionary, with the ability to enchant and sculpt the world around him.

Wine Cellar

In Italy, the knowledge of making truly exceptional wine is passed down from master to apprentice. Exquisitely etched from its environment, using skilled craftsmanship passed down from father to son, this unique wine cellar is a bridge between generations – an unassuming space that combines the grandeur of the old with the convenience of the new.


The epitome of relaxation and indulgence, this exclusive bathroom from Studio Celiberti masterfully orchestrates the dance between space and lighting to create a domain of understated and timeless luxury. An extraordinary example of turning the ordinary into something more, this design takes a simple moment and transforms it into an instance of unparalleled splendour.


To assume ethereality is to enter a world of poetic imagination. Water has the power to relieve us of our bodies and enter a world of pure sensual experience, calming our minds and allowing us to embody our souls. Unrivalled in material and design, this exceptional space channels the unfettered opulence of ancient empires and transforms it into a modern masterpiece.

Million Pound Kitchen

Taking more than twelve months to create, the ‘Fiore di Cristallo’ kitchen aims to push the boundaries of what is possible. Combining Claudio Celiberti’s no compromise approach to striking design with exquisite natural materials, this opulent kitchen was handcrafted in Italy and features the world famous ‘Crystal of Murano’ (Cristallo di Murano). Made using ancient techniques originating from the island of Murano, the process for making this crystal is a complex and closely-guarded secret. The result is a crystal of the highest quality, free of air bubbles, smudges and impurities, and the perfect companion to Claudio’s exemplary design.